International Conference on Flood Management, 5 to 7 Sept., Leeds


From 5 to 7 September 2017 the International Conference on Flood Management has taken place in Leeds.

System-Risk has been actively contributing to this symposium by organising a special session on 'Systems approaches to flood risk assessment and management' with two oral blocks as well as various oral and poster presentations from ESRs and System-Risk partners.

Interest in both sessions was large and have been very well attended with about 80 people. The keynote given by Karin de Bruijn (Deltares) and the other nine presentations, four of them given by System-Risk ESRs, have stimulated an interesting and fruitful discussions about the usefulness and requirements for implementing a systems approach to flood risk assessment and mangement. Particularly the feedback to ESRs work from both the scientific community and practice has been very positve and valuable. Framing the flood risk system appropriately appears to be a critical entry point into a systems approach. Also balancing the increase of complexity with sound model approaches and methods is acknowledged as a very relevant question.

An excellent success was achieved by Friederike Holz, ESR at Middlesex University, working on indirect impacts of floods with a focus on business and supply chains by winning the ICFM student poster award.

Abstracts of conference contributions from the System-Risk team are available here.
Please checkout the presentations and other activities of System-Risk on Reasearchgate Project.