Hands-on workshop

This workshop 'tools for large-scale flood risk assessment' intends to provide interested people an opportunity to get a more profound first hand insight into some of the tools which have been developed within the System-Risk research projects.

The tentative program of the workshop foresees a sequence of three sessions covering:

  1. Python package encompassing methods commonly used to prepare input data for large scale flood inundation studies using the LISFLOOD-FP hydrodynamic model.
  2. Estimation of flood-prone areas for preliminary large-scale flood risk assessment using hydro-geomorphic mapping approaches.
  3. Open source toolkit for model-based decision support under uncertainty which allows to perform exploratory modeling, scenario discovery and robust decision making with existing simulation models.

Please check the following link for the Hands-On materials: https://system-risk.eu/dissemination/online-resources