ESR 10

ESR 10 - Cascading Effects: Impacts of Extreme Events on Infrastructure and Options for Flood Policy and Climate Change Adaptation Policy

Maya Lyn Manocsoc

Maya Lyn Manocsoc, home country Philippines

Host Institute: Umweltbundesamt (German Environment Agency), FG I 1.6 KomPass - Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Contact details:
Wörlitzer Platz 1
06844 Dessau-Roßlau
Tel: +49 (0)340 2103 2834


The project aims to analyse cascading effects on flood-affected infrastructures resulting from extreme events in the next decades and their implications for flood policy and climate change adaptation policy. Based on the projected changes of extreme events (likely increase of quantity and / or intensity) and associated changes in flood hazard, the negative impacts on flood protection structures (e. g. dikes) as well as on infrastructure in the broader sense (e. g. transport or logistics supply chains) will be assessed for 3 or 4 exemplary cascading scenarios. On this basis, management options and policy measures (e.g. land-use planning, building codes) are developed which decrease the risks for flood defense and the affected infrastructure. An important criterion for appropriate measures is to attain different objectives as climate change adaptation, flood prevention, and infrastructure protection at once to achieve sectoral and cross-sectoral effectiveness in different policy fields. The analysis builds upon the competence of the project partners, in particular ESR1, ESR3, ESR5, and ESR7. An in-depth policy analysis will evaluate beneficial and/or inhibitive factors (responsibilities to implement measures, availability of resources, potential to use window of opportunities, etc.) for implementation of actions and their consequences for defense and connected infrastructures (links to ESR8, ESR11, ESR12, ESR14, ESR15) using e.g. past data analysis, interviews with experts and representatives from different policy fields or administration, and small stakeholder dialogues. Mechanisms of policy implementation will be developed and compared with other basins/countries.